soda can

Soda Can Earrings

Cut up a shape from a soda can, emboss it, and attach it to an earring loop. It's that easy.

2 years ago

Necklace Out of Bicycle Inner Tube & Soda Can Tabs

We are Isabel and Naomi. We like to use products that can be thrown away and turn these products into…

7 years ago

How To Make A Puzzle (Tangram) With A Soda Can

Isabel and I are both fans of the big shot machine, their Bigz Dies can cut through a lot of…

8 years ago

Butterfly Earrings Made Out Of Soda Cans

Hello everybody! We think it's a waist to throw away soda cans. Most of them have very beautiful colors. Therefore,…

8 years ago

Soda Can Art

Soda cans are a great material to use for art projects as they are so colorful. I cut them in…

8 years ago