35 Amazing Ways to Upcycle Old Boats

We already featured some lovely projects made from old upcycled boats. Here are 35 of the best ways to reuse…

7 years ago

Coastal Country Decor Ideas Using Upcycled Pallets

If like me you're a fan of coastal-country style decor, here are 5 easy &┬ácheap ways to embed it in…

8 years ago

Vertical Garden from Wood-swing

I own a B&B in Agrigento, Sicily - Italy. When a guest totally destroyed my wood swing, I realized that…

11 years ago

Spare Tire Lamp

Lamp made of a spare tire, a piece of pipe from an old swing, the frame of a bicycle and…

11 years ago

Skateboard Swing

Easy way to repurpose an old skateboard. ++Via unconsumption

11 years ago

Swing From Upcycled Firehose

Michael Hensel imagine this interior swing using wood and reclaimed fire hoses. Winner of the re: design [net] work awards…

12 years ago

Gravity Passengers

Three gigantic swings, fabricated from used tires, wooden poles and a whole lot of metal bolts and cables, are suspended…

13 years ago

Tyre Horse Swing

++ Sold here for 120$

15 years ago