Upcycled Bike Tires Into Dream Catchers

Ole tires make fabulous bases for giant dream catchers.

7 years ago

Recycled Rubber: Most Durable & Cost-effective Product for Flooring

There is an abundance of tires in the world! They are made of rubber which is extremely durable but does…

8 years ago

‘adam’ Recycled Tires Sculpture

'Adam' is a sculpture made from old bicycle tires over a welded steel frame. Highlighted with copper chrome spray.

8 years ago

Vieux Pneus Recyclés / Recycled Tires Garden Projects

Here are some of my garden projects made with recycled tires. Voici quelques'un de mes projets fait avec de vieux…

8 years ago

Amazing Recycled Arts From Tires, Hubcaps & Rims

Our cars take us to many exciting destinations and help us meet some fascinating people. We met people who have brought…

8 years ago

Girafe Stationnaire / Giraffe Made Out Of a Stationary Bike & Recycled Tires

A giraffe created from a stationary bike and old recycled tires, perfect for the kids! Une girafe créée à partir…

8 years ago

Umbrella Holder From One Recycled Tire

A simple & clever idea with this tire recycled into an umbrella holder...simple, useful and look nice!

8 years ago

The Flat Tire Brand

Unique and innovative products made from recycled tires.

9 years ago

Tireflops: a Fashionable and Sustainable Footwear Solution

TireFlops are the new ultralight and extra comfortable flip flops. With recycled tire out-soles for maximum grip and durability.

9 years ago