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E-waste Abstract Sculptures

By dmvishu

Sculptures created from discarded electronic components. The sculpture below was created by making a wire armature and applying a coat of silicone sealant. Post drying used appropriate components and started […]

Upcycled Gift Wrap Wreath: Trash Into Gorgeous Decor!

By pattysgreenart

I wanted to upcycle a painting that didn’t sell and turned it into an Upcycled Gift Wrap Wreath! I used ModPodge to glue chunks of floral print gift wrap paper […]

Shoe Painting 101: Upcycled Wearable Art! DIY Video!

By Upcycled Design Lab

Have you got an old pair of shoes that need a face lift? Don’t throw them away. It’s easy to upcycle them to look like new with a little bit of paint and imagination.

Fan-tastic Upcycling Idea: Repaired Fan Gains New Stylish Life

By Yolaki

An antique fan updated with adhesive cloth…

Sturdy Shopping Trolley Using Upcycled Plastic Container

By Yolaki

Reuse a plastic cube inside a reusable shopping bag. Put some plastic brackets to ensure the bag to the chart. The chart was painted in grey color as the bag pattern. It works!

Quick, Easy Diy Embroidery Box Is Pretty Storage Solution

By auntmade

Make a Quick, Easy Diy Embroidery Box For Handy Storage. Upcycle an empty tin box (such as for chocolates, cookies or similar) into a very convenient storage box with a […]

Cool Upcycled Petrocycle Industrial Lamp

By Neokentin

A really cool lamp made from various items i have collected over the last few months.

Ice Dyed T-shirts Become Fun Kids Clothes!

By Neokentin

Watch as we take thrift store white t-shirts, ice dyes them (tie dye with ICE) and prep them to be made into kids pants!

Video Tutorial: Stainless Steel Spoon Necklace

By Soikkeli

A simple teaspoon can turn into a beautifull necklace with easy heat treatment and little shaping.

From Industrial Cart to Industrial Table

By stapletonwoodworks

I picked up this rusty old cart on trash day. I repurposed it and some salvaged heart pine timbers into a beautiful table.

Nespresso Capsules & Light, Now That’s Capsuleart!

By capsuleart

Technically, and basically, I use used Nespresso capsules to write down things or draw shapes on a surface and lighten them from inside by simple LED circuits. So it is an upcycling decorative product for home or office, but I am having difficulties to name the end product. Suggestions are welcomed.

Unique Furniture Made From Recycled Rims

By mpproject

Hello, I’m Milena, I’m a young designer and I love recycling. I’m part of MP PROJECT from Poland. We revive old items to new lives. This is what we do […]

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