DIY: Glass Bottles & Jars Into Flower Vases

Reuse glass bottles and jars to make modern flower vases.

3 years ago

Large Recycled Cardboard Vases

To build these cardboard vases, I used recycled cardboard, glue, and varnish and experimental techniques. Cardboard and tinted plaster of…

5 years ago

Recycled Cardboard Wasp Nest Pot

This wasp nest pot was made back in 2015 out of recycled corrugated cardboard, glue, and varnish. It's 19cm high.…

5 years ago

Make This Upcycled Cardboard Roll Vase With Basic Supplies

Do you throw those round tubes of cardboard which comes with your tissue paper roll or the aluminium foil roll?…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Plastic Bottle Cement Vase

Put those soda plastic bottles to good use by recycling them to create this trendy concrete vase for your home.

7 years ago

10 Creative & Simple Ways to Repurpose Old Glass Bottles

Are you aware that billions of bottles are thrown away every year? Did you know that one recycled glass bottle…

7 years ago

Recycled DIY Decor: Faux Raw Cotton Branches

How to make fake "raw cotton" branches for home decor vase filler using items laying around the yard and home.

7 years ago

Paper Mache Vase

Handmade vase made from recycled paper.

7 years ago

Refresh Old & Cheap Objects Using Spray Color

All of us, have had received a gift that is so kitsch and bad taste that it's even ashamed to…

9 years ago