wall art

Easy Christmas Wall Art Ideas Using Natural Materials

Christmas is the perfect time to experiment with decorations, even if you are a beginner or afraid of big and…

4 years ago

Petroplast: Sculpture From Pyroplastic

Contemporary wall sculpture made from collected beach plastic and plastic packaging.

5 years ago

February’s Finest Top 5 Ideas of 2018 That’ll Inspire You!

Hopefully, you're not too buried under the wintery weather to begin a new project. After you dig out of the…

6 years ago

Upcycle Belts Into Beautiful, Ornate Wreaths!

Cut up some pretty belts and make a wreath! All you need is a dollar store wreath form, hot glue…

6 years ago

Upcycled Chop Saw Blade Clock

I wore out the blade on my chop saw and couldn't bear to throw it away, and I needed a…

6 years ago

Make An Upcycled Tree Of Life Dreamcatcher

My first Tree of Life Dreamcatcher. This decoration attracts positive energy as well as beautifies your room.  You can purchase it…

6 years ago

3d Upcycled Paper Wall Art Pieces & Portraits

I am currently working on a portrait of someone from the 90's pop industry bet you can't guess who?

6 years ago

Hand Painted Pallet Plaques/Signs: Great Gifts or Wall Art!

We take pallets from a local factory I break them down ( the old way, flat bar, and hammer). Cut…

6 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Rust-oleum Glow-in-the-dark Clock

Well, my paint told me I should paint a clock, so we paint a clock with glow in the dark…

6 years ago