Upcycling Plastic Bottles into Wire Sculptures – The Art of Phantom

All my works are made exclusively from upcycling plastic bottles reworked by thermoforming. It's a simple and accessible technique that…

5 years ago

Upcycled Gift Wrap Wreath: Trash Into Gorgeous Decor!

I wanted to upcycle a painting that didn't sell and turned it into an Upcycled Gift Wrap Wreath! I used…

6 years ago

Twisted Wire Pallet Lamp Upcycles Two Products

I made this Twisted Wire Pallet Lamp with various upcycled materials. I used a USB lamp because it has a…

6 years ago

Cork Recycled Art Piano Hat

My friend owns a champagne business. One day she came to me with a bag full of recycled: champagne corks,…

8 years ago

Industrial Wood & Metal Wire Lamp

12V lamp with Power Supply 110 - 220v with special led which looks like Edison bulb, warm light.┬áSize: 22 x…

8 years ago

Table Lamp Made With Old Wire

12 v lamp with Power Supply 110 - 220 v. With special led which looks like Edison bulb for a…

8 years ago

Little Red Chicken Coop

These pieces are made completely from rescued, recycled and repurposed materials. Nothing is wasted here and each piece is green…

9 years ago

Jelly Cabinet Made From Upcycled Pallets

This jelly cabinet was made with repurposed pallet wood and pecky cypress trim with chicken wire door.┬áThe cabinet has 4…

9 years ago

Els Homes Llauna / The Tin Man

Men made with recycled cans, wire, nails, buttons and..............................a lot of imagination! :)

9 years ago