Lamps & Lights

Tea Boxes Becomes Lamps

I’m always looking for vintage patterns and I scale them to the scale of the box to stick them on and give the box this vintage effect. This what we call upcycling.

But, what is Upcycling?

Recycling is the use of an object at the end of its life for the same use as the original one. Glass bottles are recycled into glass bottles.

Upcycling reuses an object in another function, it is a recycling from the “top”.

It’s not customization, a redesigned chest of drawers remains a chest of drawers.

Upcycling changes the function of the object, a metal box becomes a lamp, we also talk about the diversion of objects.

The ecological benefits are significant, reducing the volume of waste and avoiding the use of natural resources. It is also a creative work that makes it possible to invent unique objects because it is sometimes difficult to find a large quantity of objects to reuse.

Upcycling is practiced whatever the waste, fabric, paper, wood, furniture….. the principle being to reduce our waste, we do our shopping in the garbage!

Because every action counts, many of us take from our garbage cans or set up recycling facilities.

Upcycling reduces our carbon footprint, each purchase of upcycled items is an ethical and virtuous purchase

I transform:

  • Bottles and jars in vases
  • Books in trees
  • Jars in lamps
  • Metal cans and cans in lamps…