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The Wine Bottle Solar Powered Chianti Star Cruiser

As part of the solar-powered wine bottle armada, I love sharing my passion for all things solar, sustainable, earth-friendly, artistic, and creative. My work is a reflection of what I see. What you see is a glimpse of my imagination caught in a brief moment of time. This current piece is where I’m currently at in the universe. Please stand by… I’m working in the gypsy junkyard repurposing the past.

In most cases, we have to start with a full bottle of wine. First, we drink the wine to discover how much energy it contains. This energy produces imagination & inspiration. Using the empty wine bottle & items picked from the junkyard lamp cones, candle holders, scrap metal, glass beads, and discarded solar yard lights, we transform the bits & pieces into what you see here, the wine bottle star cruiser. The assembly took about 40 hours and 24 hours of that waiting for the epoxy to cure.

Randy Morris