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Top 10 Container Houses Seen On Houzz

Each is different from the other and just by having a look at them, you will feel like dwelling in them. Here is a list of the topmost container houses over Houzz.

Lake Losco House Exterior

This rectangular two-storied wooden structure set across a water body also has a deck extending towards the outside. The house stands beside a mature tree by the water body.

Jaora Street

This house is really a show stopper with its flamboyant street style. Apart from having an attractive and bold getup, the house also has an industrial feel, thanks to the 31 shipping containers which constitute it.

Shoup Residence and Office

You simply can’t imagine how creative people can be till you see this compound made up of second-hand shipping containers. It not only provides a great home and office structure but also reduces ample amount of waste.

Belgravia Green

This house has a wonderful skylight window marking the balcony entrance. Renewable energy sources such as the sun and the wind power up this home, with the help of energy efficient gadgets.

Maison Conteneur

Each shipping container that makes this house is 40 feet by 8 feet. In the first floor as well as the second floor, two are connected, constituting a cross-shaped structure.

Peninsula Shift

It is claimed that this prefabricated home leaves only 10% of waste. The inherently narrow modules can be conveniently shifted to craft intricate spatial arrangements to match with light and views.

Dwell Exterior

This design lived up to the Dwell magazine’s challenge thrown to 16 architects for designing a prefab home while maintaining the cost at less than $200,000. From the roof line to the portico, everything in this house seems elegant.

Santa Monica House

This steely design appears like a container of 40” ft. The price varies from $300 to $5,500 depending upon the appearance.

Modern Shipping Container Cabin

This project marks the weather tight, carefully structured utilization of shipping containers. Six 20’ containers and one 40’ container makes this cabin, and there is further scope for structural reinforcement.

Shipping Container House

Crafted out of four shipping containers, this dwelling hovers around the site and is fixed to the ground with distantly positioned concrete pylons. With great structural potential, this seemingly modest container stands strong.