Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books

There are a number of unique and beautiful uses of old books. So why throw them out or just store them in some corner hoping to find some use someday? If you are a book lover, it might be tough for you to tear a book and craft something else, but when you see the end results, you would definitely love to go for it.

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Paper Cups

Would you like the narrative of your old book to continue before your eyes? Get some paper cups ready and let the story go on in a unique form. The Swedish artist Cecilia Levy has started off giving shape to this wonderful idea, not only with paper cups, but also bowls, saucers, and more.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 1 • Recycling Paper & Books

Rosewood Wreath

Next time you need a wreath, make one with rolled recycled book pages. It not only looks great but also highlights a lot of creativity on the part of the maker.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 3 • Recycling Paper & Books
Source: By Stephanie Lynn

Origami Butterfly

Now that really looks cool and can be a great showpiece to keep in the living room. Let this paper butterfly spread its wings over any support and boost the aesthetic beauty of the room.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 5 • Recycling Paper & Books

Greeting Cards

It’s true that a lot of greeting cards are available in the market and you can purchase any by spending a few bucks. But a creatively designed greeting card with paper from old books indeed takes the cake away with its uniqueness.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 7 • Recycling Paper & Books
Source: hobbycraft


This is one of those birdhouse crafts that kids can greatly enjoy, especially if you go for it using kids’ old books. Let kids pour in their creativity as they create the birdhouse with their old books.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 9 • Recycling Paper & Books

Book Page Pumpkin

It can be an extremely creative centerpiece and you can even keep it at a corner of the living room. Cut out proper shapes from paper, tie them from the top, and your job is done.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 11 • Recycling Paper & Books

Notebook Cover

The pages of old books would look great as notebook covers. Moreover, by using parts of your favorite books as notebook covers, you will feel happy as you see them in front of your eyes.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 13 • Recycling Paper & Books


You need very little effort to create these beauties. Use book pages to wrap candleholders and let the light shine through by cutting out little shapes.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 15 • Recycling Paper & Books

Book Beads

Cut out various symmetrical shapes and string them up to get your book bead ready. Remember to glue together the back and the front cover.

Top 10 Ideas of Repurposing Old Books 17 • Recycling Paper & Books


How about adorning yourself with an ornament with your favorite poem embedded on it? It not only looks great but also has an emotional effect!

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Robert Schreib
Robert Schreib

If you have any really old, and THICK books you don’t need to read, you can re-purpose them with a razor knife, to make a boxy hollow inside of them, and place your spare cash or valuable jewels, and the like inside of the book, to hide it away among many other books in your book shelf!

Sasha Stuart
Sasha Stuart
Reply to  Robert Schreib

Yes, but how I can make this crafts like ponking, cup with the saucer etc, all proyects tha I am interest to make. I wan the instruntions, God bless you Mr. Schreib. Sasha

Sasha Stuart
Sasha Stuart


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