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11 Carpenter’s Workbenches Repurposed as Contemporary Pieces of Decoration

If you’re used to hanging around antique markets, then I’m sure you already stumbled upon Carpenter’s workbench. These pieces of solid wood tell a story at first sight, but you wondered what you could do with it? Here are 11 ideas of modern uses for vintage workbenches.

An old factory workbench now holds the sinks (French Barn House, Texas)
Workbench in the mudroom: source
Carpenter’s workbench turned a kitchen island
A carpenter table is used as bar seating: source
Rustic workbench used in the kitchen: source
Dipped Carpenter’s workbench: source
Another take of the kitchen island/ kitchen table: source
Vintage workbench repurposed in the bathroom
Workbench bar: source
Workbench desk
Rustic french carpenter’s workbench turned into a console.

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