Recycled Art

Top 5 August Upcycled Projects 2017 Picked By You!

You picked the Top 5 August Upcycled Projects of 2017. As always, we thank you for sharing your creativity and supporting the upcycling concept!

From animated robots, metal  & driftwood sculpture, sewing machines, and chandeliers – your August Upcycled Projects rock!

Metal sculpture at its adorable best: Upcycled Robot Junk Sculptures!

The #1 pick of our August Upcycled Projects is this collection of upcycled junk metal robot sculptures.

Let’s Roll: Audibot Transformer-style Robot!

This animated upcycled robot was a no-brainer for one of the top spots of August. We are looking to more creations!

Restored 1918 Singer Industrial Treadle Sewing Machine

Sometimes bringing a machine, tool, or another object back from the brink of death into functionality is quite satisfying! This old sewing machine is used to create and repair modern motorcycle riding gear.

Gorgeous Driftwood Holiday Trees have you California Dreaming.

Don’t sacrifice a tree! We need the air-cleaning capabilities. Instead, build a holiday tree from naturally-polished driftwood pieces.

While you’re at the beach, get more wood for these breathtaking Driftwood Chandeliers!

There’s more than one way to use driftwood to create awe-inspiring creations. This driftwood chandelier could be in a mansion or your humble abode and would look great in both!

A project just for the kids: Toddler’s Pallet Picnic Table.