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Top 5 Recycled Art Ideas July 2017 Chosen By You!

As always, we’re grateful for the amazing ideas you all create and share at Please enjoy the top 5 Recycled Art Ideas July 2017 as chosen by you!

#1 Art Ideas July 2017: Dark Horse Woodworking caught your eye again with his brilliant DIY Video Tutorial to make a Bird Feeder!

Here’s your favorite idea of July – Dark Horse Woodworking’s DIY Bird Feeder idea.

#2 Recycled Art Ideas July 2017:

  some great Upcycled Levi Strauss Jeans Projects!
This is only one of many ideas submitted for great Levi’s Jean’s upcycling ideas!

#3 DIY Ideas July 2017: Turn Shipping Straps Into Gorgeous Flowers!

No more throwing away those old shipping straps. Turn them into adorable flowers instead!

#4 DIY Ideas July 2017: Upcycle newspapers into decorative and functional baskets!

This idea even has a DIY Video Tutorial!

#5 Recycled Art Ideas July 2017:

Life-sized Metal Sculpture of a Horse!
Make a metal art sculpture entirely out of horse shoes.

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  • Thanks a lot for choosing my paper handicraft!! I am so gratefull for that. I will continuing recycling and making usefull things with paper.
    Big, big, big hug from Venezuela,
    Ana María