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Top 5 September 2017 Upcycled Projects You Chose!

As summer fades and fall changes the colors outdoors, you all continue to create outstanding projects like these Top 5 September 2017 Upcycled Projects! Thank you all for your continuing support and keep those ideas coming!

Here is the favorite of the September 2017 Upcycled Projects:

DIY Video Tutorial: Upcycled Soda Bottle Vertical Garden

Watch the DIY Video Tutorial and learn how to make a hanging planter using old 2-liter bottles. An inventive way to add greenery to your home without having plants sitting on your end tables.

Hand-Painted Plaques & Wall Art

This project is a great way to use scrap wood and have a great time creating unique wall art for your home or as a gift for friends.

Reuse those empty wipes containers with this clever Marbled Wipes Bottle Idea

Another DIY Video Tutorial to upcycle mundane items into unique storage containers.

Make an Upcycled Kitchen Mirror & improve the views of your room!

Add depth and create the illusion of a larger room with this terrific upcycled mirror project that you can make on a budget.

Upcycle old Rain gutters

into super-cool shelves (kitties not included).
Although this upcycled rain gutter idea was built to be a shelf, it is now a handy kitten storage unit. Kittens not included in your project unless you add them yourselves.

Make your own Pallet Porch!