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Transform Old Pipes Into This Awesome Steampunk Lamp!

The first step is to assemble the parts. Whether you make the lamp from used parts or from all new materials is a matter of personal philosophy and/or the time you have to hunt. The hunt for used stuff should begin in your own basement or garage – or your dad’s or grandfathers or that neighbor who hoards everything. Other options are local plumbers that do remodels. Then we’ll begin to transform old pipes into an Awesome Steampunk Lamp.

New or Upcycled is up to you, but this Awesome Steampunk Lamp will add interest to a living room, office, or man cave!

New parts can be obtained from any large home improvement store’s plumbing and lighting/electrical departments. Take in this picture, and if you’re having trouble locating what you need, a store clerk will be glad to help.

One vital step while at the store is to check the fit of the pipe, elbow, T-fitting and valve assembly for size. It’s no fun having to return to the store because you bought a 1/2″ pipe and 3/4″ fittings. If you need some help with this, check out the flange table link

for reference.

How to Make an Awesome Steampunk Lamp

If you’ve ever put together a sink drain or, heck, screwed the cap onto a tube of toothpaste, then you’ll have no trouble putting this together. The key is to run the wiring through each piece before fitting the pieces together.

Your biggest challenge will be the shutoff. You’re going to want to turn the light switch to the “on” position and then use the valve to open and close the connection. How to make this happen is something we can’t advise you on. Liability, lawyers, and lawsuits, oh my!

Awesome Steampunk Lamp safety thoughts (and encourages you to take this seriously)!

If you are not experienced with electrical wiring, you might have to be content with using the on/off switch as designed or having your local lamp repair specialist handle that task in exchange for a few dollars. Who knows, he or she might love the lamp and commission you to make a dozen or so.

One final suggestion is to modify the design to be uniquely yours. Need ideas? There are a bunch of them on this site and on Pinterest.

Have fun, don’t electrocute yourself, and you’ll have a steampunk lamp that is shockingly cool!