Recycled Cardboard

Trompe L’oeil Cardboard Barber Shop Sign

You won’t believe your eyes! It doesn’t seem to be possible that this piece of art is a Cardboard Barber Shop Sign! Wait until you see the photos.

Recreate antique artwork and classic signs by upcycling everyday objects like this Cardboard Barber Shop Sign.

Trompe L’oeil is the creating visual illusion in art, and this barber shop sign excels. The finished sign looks like an authentic painted barber pole.

Add to the Barber theme with this Scissors Art.

Don’t forget the Barber Shop Decor!


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  • I always understood Trompe L'oeil to be when a two dimensional object is painted to give the illusion of 3D.

    • You're correct in the strictest sense for sure, but it's also applied broadly to just include "tricking the eye" with artwork in general. This crafter cleverly uses paint to create the illusion of pitted metal, shading and aging on cardboard. If you didn't know better, you'd guess it was a really old, carved piece in an old metal frame. Pretty good trick on the eyes!

    • Trompe L'oeil is "tricking the eye" by creating a 3-D effect with 2-d formats - and this person accomplished the look of pitted, aged metal - giving that depth of layers of paint and age with a few simple brush strokes. If you didn't now this was cardboardd, you'd believe this creative and inspired project was wood, or metal, or a combination of both aged materials, with layers of dust, wear, etc. That is truly tricking the eye. If you would like to demonstrate your own Trompe Loeil we'd be happy to post your project up too. It's a shame that this person's talent is lost worrying about the the strict vs. broad definition of one word. - HS