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Tropical Pallet Paradise: A Renters’ Remodel Story

Yes we are RENTERS, and yes, we sneakily “REMODELED” a tropical island style retreat, with pallets!

You see, we do love where we rent, except for ……. the architectural style!

So to have our dream style tropical outdoor room, it looks like we will have to wait till we buy a house, have the right budget, have enough time…. right?!?

NO, we are going to remodel it!

Creatively, the Renter’s Way:

  • Rule #1: No drilling into / attaching to existing walls
  • Rule #2: No painting existing surfaces including floor, walls and ceiling
  • Rule #3: We want to prove that everyone can have a gorgeous space no matter what their budget is, so we are making this with pallets!
  • Rule #4: We love a built-in look, but everything we build should be easily taken apart when we move.

a piece of rainbow

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