by Georgie Poulariani

Unbelievable Upcycled Metal Sculptures

Georgie Poulariani is a sculptor who creates Upcycled Metal Sculptures from scrap steel. His passion turned into a profession.

Turn old metal into Remarkable Upcycled Metal Sculptures! Get inspired!

He completely left his business and started creating metal sculptures three years ago. Now his pieces are in different government buildings, hotels, and several other private places in Spain, Belgium, Netherlands, and France. His work has also caught the attention of some Spanish newspapers. For 44 years he had nothing to do with art, never even been in a gallery, and wasn’t even interested in art. Then he found out on accident that he had a gift of seeing forms and shapes.

Upcycled Metal Sculptures like this octopus look like they're in motion even though they're static.
An elegant octopus.
This beautiful hand sculpture highlights the beauty of the metal in this series of Upcycled Metal Sculptures.
Everything’s okay!
This bull is part of the series of Upcycled Metal Sculptures.
If you mess with the bull, you may get the horns.
Upcycled Metal Sculptures include a beautiful lion's head with a flowing metal mane.
This lion’s mane seems to be flowing in the breeze.
This eagle appears to be in motion, which is one of the characteristics of this artist's Upcycled Metal Sculptures.
Spread your wings and fly!
Upcycled Metal Sculptures include this amazing metal dragon.
Always be yourself, unless you can be a dragon. Then be a dragon!

Turn a can into a Dinosaur!

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