Upcycle Textiles into Furoshiki Purses: Using Knots & Folds

You can turn all kinds of old textiles from various items such as shawls, bedsheets, old dresses, and skirts etc. into Furoshiki purses. This is an ancient Japanese craft of wrapping things using knots and folds. Originally, old kimonos would be cut up into squares and used for making Furoshiki purses and wrapping. There is no limit to the creative possibilities. DIY, No sewing! Just need a square piece of fabric. A perfect way to upcycle an old piece of fabric into a shopping bag.

I was inspired to learn about Furoshiki wrapping because of its simplicity. All you need are some fabric scraps and a little bit of practice folding and tying the two types of knots.

For bags that you plan to carry heavier items in such as groceries and books, use a heavier fabric like canvas, meanwhile, silk, and other luxurious fabrics can be used to make gorgeous evening purses. The square shape is most used for Furoshiki techniques. If you are using a rectangle shawl, just fold in half and double up to form a square.

Also, you can have fun getting creative with using spare jewelry and other accessories to your projects. Check out the video below to see the how-to of a Furoshiki purse.