Upcycled Bottle Incense Burner: Diy Video!

I made this Incense Burner out of an upcycled bottle. Want to create your own? Then check out my DIY Video Tutorial below and follow Dark Horse Woodworking on YouTube!

Make a handmade Bottle Incense Burner with an awesome DIY Video Tutorial!

Tools & Supplies You Need:

  • Protective gear – safety glasses, respiratory protection, and please read & follow all directions with power tools!
  • Tile saw (or use our tutorial for six easy ways to cut glass)
  • Table saw
  • Wood lathe & chisels (watch a video tutorial that shows you how to use a wood lathe)
  • Sandpaper
  • Bandsaw
  • Drill press, Forstner bits & regular bits
  • Wood Clamp
  • Screwdriver
  • Wood screws
  • Handheld Torch
  • Spray polyurethane sealer or clear acrylic
  • Selection of incense
Watch the DIY video and learn to make an Incense Burner.
Upcycle a beautiful bottle or your favorite brand of adult beverage into a cool incense burner.
Use an old log to create a beautiful, unique Incense Burner
Woodturn a piece of a log into a unique incense holder. a bottle cap in the bottom holds the incense.
Make an Incense Burner by using a tile saw to cut the bottle.
A tile saw makes quick work of cutting the bottle.
Make an Incense Burner as a gift.
This is a great gift for a friend, or a nice addition to your man cave, she-shack, or your outdoor relaxation areas.


Do you want to build them at home? We have a nice article on how to cut glass bottles and even a Free PDF tutorial with 6 ways on how to cut glass explained.

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