by Joy Pike

Upcycled Coconut Shell Pendants Are Gorgeous!

I made these Coconut Shell Pendants because I love to use unwanted materials to create unique items. The Coconut shell is a tough substance. But, it makes fabulous unique jewelry.

Would you have ever guessed these gorgeous Coconut Shell Pendants could even exist? WOW!

The patina on the shell is subtle and shows when the shell has been polished. The hardest part was cutting the shell into the desired shape. It took around two hours to complete from start to finish. I added shell inlay on several of the pieces, and think the colors are very complimentary! Don’t be afraid of giving a material you normally throw away and turn it into stunning artwork! The best part is this artwork is WEARABLE!

Cut like an old axe head with modern twists, these Coconut Shell Pendants can show you how a current material can feel new and old at the same time!
Some of the shapes have the feeling of antique tools found at an archaeology dig, yet feel very modern too!
I liked doing inlay on these Coconut Shell Pendants because the contrast of colors really shows the variegated surface of the coconut.
Look at the variegated colors within the coconut shell material!
These Coconut Shell Pendants are cut in several shapes; this one is in the shape of a shield and features a bit of shell inlay along one side.
Although these pendants were difficult to cut, I feel it was worth it to highlight the beautiful, vibrant color of the material.
Combine two materials in an antique shape like an arrowhead, and you have a modern twist in these Coconut Shell Pendants.
With the feel of an arrowhead, this modern twist shows the beauty of both materials combined.
You don't have to be fancy with these Coconut Shell Pendants. I skipped any inlay at all and just let the material shine alone!
I let the beauty of the material shine through on this piece, and didn’t put any inlay. Instead, I just made sure it had a beautiful, glossy surface and some unusual cuts to add some natural sparkle.
Using random inlay can really highlight unique features, such as the curvature of the Coconut Shell Pendants.
I had some fun with random inlay pieces in the coconut shell, and it helps highlight the curvature of the natural material.
These Coconut Shell Pendants feature inlays, unique shapes, and beautiful finishes.
Add an inlay, and these Coconut Shell Pendants pop with a beautiful contrast of colors and textures.
Some of these Coconut Shell Pendants are carved in unusual shapes that really highlights the unique fibrous striping throughout the material.
Don’t be afraid of carving unusual shapes, or using unique materials. Look what you can get!

Turn an Egg Crate Into A Jewelry Box! With all this gorgeous handmade jewelry, you need to make a handmade Pallet Jewelry Armoire!

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Salvage Box

Love this. Got some upcycle pendants planned to Salvage Box soon too!

Reply to  Salvage Box

Awesome! We hope you’ll share your latest creations. We love what you creative crafters are doing out there in the world! – HS.

Alissa BC

Clair Bennett, once we get the blooming thing open?! ?


looking to upload some new pendants made from, beach sea shell soon

Reply to  fizz

We’re looking forward to seeing them! – HS.

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