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Upcycled Dvd Case Vertical Garden Great for Indoors or Outdoors

We have loads of DVD cases at home that are missing their inside bits. How does that even happen? Instead of throwing them away we decided to give a little bit back to Mother Nature and turn them into a Dvd Case Vertical Garden!

How on earth would you create a Dvd Case Vertical Garden? Here’s how:

The plastic outer casing makes perfect planters. They’re sturdy and a nice size. First, drill a few drainage holes at the bottom of the DVD cases and find a piece of wood to hang them on. Definitely upcycle a scrap piece of wood here. The plain black casings aren’t the prettiest, so we put together a template and used it to cut some leather bits we have left over from another project. Attach the DVD cases onto the piece of wood with screws. Fill them with soil, and then any plants you choose.

Dvd Case Vertical Garden – what plants do you choose?

We used succulents and a Heart Leaf Philodendron. This little beauty is often called the Sweetheart plant and will grow really quickly in low to medium light. It is probably the most common house plant in South Africa. We have a huge one in our garden, so we just took some stem cuttings that had been dipped in rooting hormone. You can read the full process of converting DVD cases into a Vertical Garden on my blog

Here’s what you start with – grab a few old DVD cases – the more worn, the better! We had several that were missing the insides.
A side view of our DVD planter garden. We didn’t like the boring, plain black DVD cases, so we used some leftover leather from another project and covered the cases. It really adds warmth to the project!
Here are the templates we used to cut the leather. We definitely didn’t want to waste the leather by cutting incorrectly.

We had some leftover pieces from a luggage project and used this piece as the hanger. It ties the piece together with more warm leather tones.
It looks beautiful when hung on the wall.
To hang or not to hang? That is a good question when it looks so great no matter where it is placed.

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Michelle Leslie