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An Upcycled Greek Tavern

Yamas is a modern tavern located in the heart of Beit Yanai mall in Israel, yet produces anti-mall-thesis of atmosphere and design. The idea was to create authenticity of a simple market tavern with upgrade and sophistication. Based on Artizachen’s agenda -working with recycled materials and reclaimed wood. The design inspiration was taken from stuff drifted out and back to the sea.

The lighting was created from an old metal Pyle, and rusted Olives cans have become lighting fixtures. An old Table saw with big glass plate paved with recycled wood and turned into a dining table for ten people. Carefully selected accessories items at the flea market. And an impressive mural painted by Zagny OD adds great interest to the scene. At the entrance, there is a wide balcony typical Greek with a lot of vegetation and bar tables made of rusty barrels

Artizachen Jaffa

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