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Upcycled Instruments Become Lightmusic Lamps

LightMusic Lamps are created to celebrate broken musical instruments and are given new productive lives as sculptures. These functional sculptures honor the instrument’s ability to lift spirits and make us smile. We found inspiration in Plato’s paraphrased quote: “Music gives you wings….”

Upcycle instruments into LightMusic Lamps!

LightMusic combines retired musical instruments, a reference to wings and flight, elements of whimsy and steampunk in our designs. We produce sculptures that happen to light up. And, when technology temporarily fails us, each piece playfully includes a candle holder. These lamps appeal to a broad and diverse audience. Musicians find these lamps particularly appealing! These lamps stand for the remembrance of why music is so vital to our lives.

Turn old instruments into unique and attractive lights. Our lights feature an added candle holder just in case.
From steampunk to Art Deco style, these lamps light up your room and your imagination.
Unique bases, sculptural details and functionality combined into upcycled lamps.
The quote says, “Music Gives You Wings . . . ” and our sculptural pieces have them too!
Mandolins and more are used to create attractive lighting ideas.
Elegance and whimsy are combined!
Some lamps feature light-up bases as well.
Steampunk touches look amazing against the brass backdrop of this lamp.