Recycled Cardboard

Upcycled Jewelry Holder Cardboard Boxes For Great Gift Giving

I made these unique upcycled Jewelry Holder Cardboard Boxes by using self-adhesive fabric over upcycled cardboard. There are many websites that show you how to turn flat pieces of cardboard into little boxes.

Make cute little Jewelry Holder Cardboard Boxes to either give that homemade jewelry project as a gift or to make store-bought jewelry even more beautiful.

With cardboard boxes and self-adhesive fabric, one can make beautiful jewelry store.  You don’t even have to buy self-adhesive material. You can use pretty paper, or upcycle old cloth and use a good spray-on glue like 3M 90 Spray Adhesive.

Great idea! How about this cool Upcycled Cardboard Lamp?