Recycling Metal

Upcycled Metal Mask Sculpture From Machine Shop Cutoffs!

I created this unique Upcycled Metal Mask Sculpture by using the waste/scrap metal from a machine shop. The metal would be recycled, but I loved the interesting shapes and how it allowed a lot of flexibility for creating a sculpture.

This creative Upcycled Metal Mask sculpture would look amazing as either an indoor or outdoor wall art piece!

Don’t forget to look at items as more than what they are. Seeing past just the original purpose of an item is where the inspiration lies!

This innovative, creative Mask Wall Art Sculpture is made from the simple leavings from Machine Shop processes. Look past the original function of an item to see the potential, as this artist did!

See how junk can inspire unique Sculptures

from other artists, too! Upcycle crates and pallet wood to create unique Coffee Tables!