Upcycled Motorcycle Parts Into Beautiful Floor Lamp

I wanted to create a floor lamp with a character that is heavy, rough, but has an inner beauty. My project mostly using recycled metal, and work with lathe machine, weld, tapping. This lamp created with adjustable direction up and down and can do circle round to any direction.

I use two pieces of motorcycle disc brake at bottom and middle of the lamp. Gear transmission I put at lowest part, I like this kind of things, that have a various shape. On top of the gear transmission, I put a disc brake + clutch part from a motorcycle that can be moving circle cause it has a bearing on it. And I weld with Volkswagen shaft.

To give another interest, I put a part from bicycle such as crank + chain + sprocket; I weld it all cause it’s only use to give another shape and interest. As a lamp pole, I use a stainless pipe that bent and put a cover shading lamp.

Edison bulb gives a beauty when it turns on. I finished with a glossy clear coat to give shiny looks.

Upcycled Motorcycle Parts Into Beautiful Floor Lamp 1 • Lamps & Lights
Upcycled Motorcycle Parts Into Beautiful Floor Lamp 3 • Lamps & Lights

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Heather Stiletto

….OR zombie-killing battle axe from a sportbike front rotor. Of course it’s sharpened and able to cut wood. HA HA HA

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