Upcycled Bicycle Parts

Upcycled No-kill Trophy Head Has Mechanical Bird Friend

Have a unique hunting trophy without killing while upgrading your bicycle. Change out the old seat for a new one and upcycle the old seat into a one-of-a-kind piece of wall art. Make a Trophy Head, and maybe your bottom will thank you. This was a welded project and used a few upcycled metal parts.

A No-Kill Trophy Head? And a Mechanical Bird Friend? You must see these creations!

Every time you upgrade parts on your bicycle or other outdoor equipment, look at the old parts in a different way! Be sure to upcycle the cardboard boxes that the new parts came in! If you have the welder out, make a man-cave treasure chest!

Save your tush while saving critters, too! This project is doubly beneficial!
Use an old plaque, butcher b
lock, or even pallet wood for the mounting plate.
The welding equipment was out, so you might as well use those other leftover parts and create an adorable birdy buddy!

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