Upcycled Playing Card Dolls Make Great Gifts!

These upcycled Playing Card Dolls are easy to make with a glue gun, wire, and some diamond wrap. You can easily substitute the plastic high heel beads with Barbie shoes or make some paper shoes. Create witty sayings and make your best girlfriends laugh on their 29th (ahem…and holding) birthday!

Upcycle leftover supplies in your craft room and make these Playing Card Dolls!

Supplies needed:

  • Glue gun
  • Playing cards
  • Washi tape, ribbon, or other trimmings (upcycle whenever possible)
  • High heel beads (or cut out paper heels
  • Upcycled costume jewelry chains or upcycle craft wire (for legs)
  • Scissors
  • Old magazines (cut out words for the front of your customized idea)
  • Decorative beads
  • Glitter glue or hot glitter glue
  • Scrap craft paper
Card Dolls are made from old playing cards.
Upcycle those last bits in your craft kits to create decorative little royalty dolls!
Make whimsical gifts using scraps in your craft room. These Card Dolls are a fun family project, too.
With a few commonplace items, create whimsical gifts for friends and family.
A sampling of supplies used for Card Dolls.
A sampling of supplies used for these dolls.
Pair these Card Dolls up for anniversary gifts.
Pair these card dolls up for anniversary gifts.
These Card Dolls make great gifts for the queen or princess in your life.
Make a gift for the queen or princess in your life.


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