Upcycled Soil Bag Into Gym Bag

Since we have bought soil already many times for our plants and flowers, I had for a while now some of the sturdy plastic bags where the soil comes in and I was keeping them because I thought they could be great for a bag. This is my upcycling attempt from a soil bag to a drawstring gym bag.

Just for looks, I decided to turn it inside out so the black would be the visible side (I could have ironed it a little bit with parchment paper for the photo ? ). The width of the bag was perfect, I only cut about 20cm from the top so it wouldn’t be too deep.

I don’t have a sewing machine but the only thing I had to hand sew was the top to run the string through and it was easy with a not-so-thin nylon thread. Then I added the grommets at the bottom corners directly on the bag.