Urban Pallet Wood Plant Stand: Great For Small Spaces

I made this Pallet Wood Plant Stand as my first pallet project, and I think it came out quite well. I found the pallet just left out on a city street.

Use pallets creatively to create beautiful home accessories for your indoor or outdoor areas like this Pallet Wood Plant Stand!

First, find a pallet (please do it legally, haha). Next, break down the pallet. Cut the pallet stringer boards to length for the legs of the project. I used two pieces in the center to support the upper shelf and deck boards for the exterior legs and frame. Next, I built two boxes for the upper and lower shelves, securing them to the legs I cut. I made the boxes narrow and had plant pots that would fit across the gaps perfectly, and it allowed me to use some hanging planters too. But, you can enclose the shelves if you choose. I added two boards to the back to stabilize the project and painted it all white.

Urban Pallet Wood Plant Stand: Great For Small Spaces 1 • Recycled Pallets

This beautiful and airy two-shelf plant stand is made with upcycled pallet wood. It can be resized to fit any area, and it would be a lovely addition to any indoor or outdoor space. Enclose the shelves if you have multiple plant pot sizes.
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