Recycled Art

Video Tutorial: Leftover House Paint Abstract Art

Do something different and repurpose leftovers by making House Paint Abstract Art! Like many artists, I was trained to use traditional materials for my art. These products give us the bright colors that we like, but they come at a cost. They are made with synthetic pigments, plastics, and chemicals that are detrimental and sometimes toxic to people and the planet.

House Paint Abstract Art: water washable and upcycling into beautiful works of art!

With a growing concern about the environment, I felt uneasy using harmful materials for my art and looked for alternatives. I stumbled upon leftover house paint. It is available for free from some recycling centers as well as from numerous acquaintances and friends. By repurposing leftover house paint for my art, I’m using materials that would otherwise go to waste.

This is an easy project for both children and adults. It’s a great vehicle for teaching children about the environment, upcycling and the use of discarded materials.

Warning: this painting technique is addictive, and could lead to a magnificent art collection!

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