Vintage Bluetooth Speakers – New Tunes, Old Soul

During the past century, millions of beautiful and unique AM radios have been produced around the world to broadcast from tables, bookcases, and coats, but when was the last time you lit one? We dust off the vintage radio and give it a chance to sing again. This is the Bluetooth speaker from Boe Vintage Radio.

These beautiful musical relics deserve a chance to shine again. We bring them back to life by replacing their old electronics with a brand new 8W Bluetooth 4.0 amplifier. This turns these obsolete AM radios into beautiful universal Bluetooth speakers, ready to play any music your heart desires. Mixing the old and the new produce unique Bluetooth speakers, but it is also environmentally friendly. As the only new components are the printed circuit boards, power cords, and a little wiring, each Boe Vintage Radio Bluetooth speaker produced is one less vintage radio in the dumps and one less new speaker and housing produced.

There is a Boe Vintage Bluetooth Speaker radio for every room in your home, office, or workshop with an unlimited number of unique styles. Just plug it in, turn on your phone’s Bluetooth and turn up the volume!

Boe Vintage Bluetooth speakers are the first product line in our effort to breathe new life into beautiful antique objects. At Boe, we love the look from the 1930s to the 1970s, the mantels and table radios, but with their aging electronics and AM reception only, we don’t need them. Bluetooth speakers appear everywhere, and we love their convenience; we don’t want another disposable electronic device. We decided to fill two needs with a single act, giving new life to old radios and getting a Bluetooth speaker without waste. Our big project is to continue blurring the line between new and old, developing quality products that meet the same needs as new devices but with a unique style and reduced environmental impact through reuse.

If you like the look and sound of these speakers, head to Kickstarter now to secure one for yourself.