Whisk Candle Holder

whisk candel holder

Simplest ideas are always the best! and here is once again the proof! Could not find the real source of the picture. If you know it, please add it in the comments and we’ll credit the link.

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Gerda Nummerdor

super simpel and nice

Richard de Chantal

Le cuisinier en moi, capote là-dessus. Pour monter l’éclairage, ben, çà marche pas… !!!

Véronique Medinger

Did it ;-)

Kelly Madden-Bass

I’d do a votive holder inside. Safer and cute idea!

Adrienne Lowe-Lund

Love it! Next Christmas I know what I’m giving as gifts :-)

Ione Queiroga

Bela ideia.

Mirek Igor Iizz

a to wieszaki na lampki są zawsze się zastanawiałem po co to leży w kuchni :))

Sofia Smol

this is amazing

Ascensión Gómez
Ascensión Gómez

que idea!! ❤️

Brenda Millar

Some people are just SO clever.How on earth don’t I think of things like this it is just SO simple.

Annsophie Be

oui mais chaud!!!

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