Contest! Win a Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Wallet And Belt

Felvarrom collects worn out bicycle parts from local shops in Budapest and upcycles them into eco-products. In their website, you can find a broad range of accessories made from recycled bike parts such as belts, pouches, wallets and toiletry or tools bags made from upcycled tires and inner tubes. They also made some cool key holders from recycled bike chains. And many more products for the rider inside you :)

Today, we have a great offer for you from Felvarrom! Subscribe to Felvarrom & Recyclart newsletter and try to WIN a set made of:

  • One Custom length inner tube belt made of extra soft, upcycled bike tubes! Value 59,9€
  • One Upcycled inner tube wallet, has four card slots, a zip pocket! Fits for jeans back pocket. Value 49,9€

A total price value of 109,8€!

Bicycle inner tubes are a sustainable alternative to leather; it will be lovely smooth and shiny over time. Besides their durability, these bike inner tube wallets are very soft. All of the tubes we collected are cleaned, this wallet won’t stain your pants.

Handmade in Budapest. Please note that pictures below show one of the wallets, not exactly that one you will get. Since the wallet is made of recycled materials, the inner tube’s patch location can be different.


Want to win a recycled, hand sewed bicycle inner tube wallet AND a belt with WORLDWIDE DELIVERY for FREE? Visit our Contest Page to enter! Draw on 2017/06/30!

Contest! Win a Felvarrom Recycled Inner Tube Wallet And Belt 8 • Upcycled Bicycle Parts
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