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Diy: How To Make Beautiful Peacock With Plastic Spoon

So hosted this fun and fantastic party, and the next thing I see is a hoard of plastic spoons left with me. This got the inner crafter in me thinking what to create with these plastic spoons. So I re-brushed my creativity and decided to make a beautiful peacock with plastic spoons, I call it the spoon peacock.

I think my idea of making a plastic spoon peacocks is a hit as I got an excellent creative craft to make and also a chance to add a touch of classic design and home decoration ideas to my living room. I grabbed my little niece’s paints and brushes and glitter tubes and a few plastic spoons. Then I thought to give the peacock a more realistic look. So to bring a textural effect I used earbuds.

Yes! Unbelievable as it may sound, the earbuds did a great job of bringing a life-like effect to my plastic spoon peacock. Who would’ve thought recycling could be so much fun and give such a beautiful spoon peacock! :)


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