Insulator Pendant Lights

Glass insulators were first produced in the 1850s for telegraph lines, then for telephone and power lines. Long since outmoded, we found a company that repurposes them as evocative pendant lights.


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  • I've seen the ceramic ones they used on the 'old ghan' railway in central Australia, but never seen the glass ones....they are beautiful!

  • I just tried making these insulators but the insulator broke, from what we suspect was not enough ventilation for heat. Can you tell me what wattage and kind of bulbs you used and if you have any idea of how to mitigate against intense heat? I used the same insulator, only it is one with the markings C.T.N.E. which I head was made in Argentina.

    • You could try using LED bulbs as they run much cooler than regular bulbs and even CFLs. Hope that helps cause the insulator pendant lights look simply gorgeous.

  • Have never seen them used like this. That's pretty cool. I used to find them in the ditch when we lived rural.