Metal Messenger Bag

This is a handmade messenger bag using logic, easily available materials and a touch of humor. Two black, Fishnet Legal Trays are used, stacking each in a face-to-face position using a leather cord sewing stitch to secure them together tightly.

The exterior bag dimensions are: 17 ½” (44cm) W x 10 ½” (27 cm) H x 4 ¾” (12 cm) D

The interior usable dimensions are: 14 ½” (37 cm) W x 10” (25 cm) H x 3 ½” (9 cm) D

Empty the weight is 2lbs 8 oz (1 kg)

Large rubber feet attached at the bottom holds the bag steadily upright. The bag can also be held upright sideways or laying down in a regular fashion slightly keeping the sides from touching the surface (see 3rd image).

The bag comes with a 42” (107 cm) long, slightly used nylon strap with a non-slip, shoulder pad, and adjustable to specific requirement. The bag’s flap lid is made from two zipper translucent binder pouches held together with a magnet that will keep the flap secured to the bag in either open or closed position. One can insert ( 7 1/2” (19 cm) X 10” (25 cm) paper) their company name, logo, coloring, etc. inside the zipper pouch to personalize the messenger bag into particular desire.

Included with the Messenger bag is a paper, legal-size file holder that can be taken in/out easily from the bag. Inside the messenger bag are two elastic stretchable cords to slip the legal file holder. The cords hold the file holder securely to the side and also the ability to stretch in/out per thickness. In addition, on one side there are two stretchable holders for pencil/pen/wand and a slightly larger holder for a marker (see 4th image).

Attached to one of the outer sides of the bag are two different sized velcro secured pouches for small objects (see 4th image).

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