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The Most Stunning Land Art Installations Across the Globe

Artists from around the world have showcased their unbeatable talent in the form of unique and amazing land art installations. Almost all of these works involve the use of natural materials, and many forms are designed only for that specific location. Here are some of these amazing installations, which are in fact unforgettable visual experiences.

Seven Magic Mountains

Standing tall to a height of thirty feet in the Nevada desert, this mammoth land art installation is the creation of artist Ugo Rondinone. This masterpiece is a stunning depiction of the essential relationship between human beings and the ecosystem. It is, in fact, one of the biggest land art forms in the past four decades.


This public sculpture by sculptor Zenos Frudakis signifies the eternal human struggle to break free from all bondages and to achieve something. The art form highlights the movement of a figure from the left towards the right, as it gradually frees itself. This 2001 construction is a part of a Philadelphia-based pharmaceutical company.

Pine Cones

These sculptures are a part of the contemporary creations of sculptor and artist Floyd Elzinga and are made by upcycling shovelheads. The artist calls these “Colonization Devices” denoting the dichotomy of seeds, which can be hostile as well as harmless. The common place steel used in this sculpture highlights the hostile, mechanistic side as against the seemingly harmless image perceived by the population.

Invisible Tree

This masterpiece crafted by art director Mario Schuster and graphic designer Daniel Siering is an apt mimicry of the rural German landscape through the center of a tree trunk, creating the illusion of the tree trunk being halved. The duo achieved this through wrapping plastic sheeting over a portion of the tree and then painting it to recreate the landscape at the background.

Sand Art

This is one of the unique sand art beauties that Andres Amador is so famous for. Using low tide beach sand, this San Francisco-based artist creates sand paintings to cover areas as large as 100,000 square feet. A rake is utilized to scarify wet sand to various textures, while a rope

acts as a geometric guide. Another Artist we already featured on Recyclart and who mad also stunning sand art is Jim Denevan, check out his Sand Art!

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