Giant Pine Cones from Old Shovel Blades




These giants pine cone sculptures are made from old shovel blades and discarded shovels by Canadian artist Floyd Elzinga. Floyd Elzinga works with a wide variety of materials to create sculptural landscapes installations. Their great size expresses what he calls “the aggressive nature of seeds.


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Jenna Kuerschner via Facebook
Jenna Kuerschner via Facebook

I love pine cones, art and recycling. So, this is like my fav thing ever!

Lorenza Pavesi via Facebook
Lorenza Pavesi via Facebook


Alison S
Alison S

Where are these please?

Renee Bourque via Facebook
Renee Bourque via Facebook

That is awsome


Awesome outdoor art. I’m curious, how many shovels did it take?

Gigi Deal

Omg amazing!!!!!!

Rob Pittman

Very amazing.

Carman E Harris

OMG!!!! Different and unique WOW

Cristella Alexander

I need a lot of old, rusted shovels now. :)

Bonnie Haines

This is incredible.

Tracy Pitman

that is so cool…..

Tiziana Talpa


Simply Divine Living

fantastic! must share please!

Sheryl Korger

So cool! Love it!

Sheila Walshe


Sheena Spacey Ceramics

Brilliant :)

Mud Wildcat Wrestler

I’m getting waves of tortured nostalgic angst for the long dead thriving fertility of industrial labour peopled by, well, people, wielding tools built for human hands. This is counterpointed with a fresh hope for rebirth of fertile community from the fertile yet dormant seed of the old that must transform to new. Do I get a cigar?

Margaret Mc Quillan

Who’d have thought it?

Symmi DeFrancesco
Symmi DeFrancesco

I absolutely LOVE those pine cone sculptures…I wish I could have at least 3 of them….would be perfect on our property. i SALUTE YOU Floyd Elzinga they are wonderful.


I wonder how big this is. Love it!! Great job and philosophy!


These are not actually made from old shovels. Each piece is careful cut from core 10 steel or stainless and welded together. We bought one from Floyd last year. It’s amazing.

Reply to  Marc

Thanks Marc for setting that straight, they actually don’t look like shovel blades anyway. I very much like the artwork but I would have been mortified to see good old tools made of quality steel, welded together like this. There are so few good garden tools left, we’re using my grandfather’s which he bought new in 1920 when he started as a professional gardener. The whole idea of recycling or upcycling to me, is to take something that has been discarded as having no intrinsic use and remake it into something beautiful or functional or both. There are some fantastic… Read more »

John Fred Eden
John Fred Eden

Love the art.

Must point out that this in not “recycling.”
This is “reusing.”

Recycle refers to the process of sending something back thru the production cycle that made it in the first place, like melting down bottles and making more bottles out of them.

Remember the old adage, “Reduce, Reuse, Recycle”?

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