Displayable & Wearable Fashion: Bags From Neckties

Bags fashioned from repurposed neckties transform into wearable and displayable art.

3 years ago

Basket Made from Recycled Aluminum Pizza Pan

Metal, recycled aluminum, tote to hold items, and or boutique display.

4 years ago

Diy Video Tutorial: Upcycled Plastic Bottle Handbag!

I decided to make myself this Plastic Bottle Handbag when I received an invitation to a party. I needed a…

6 years ago

Leather Scraps Purses

Suede and leather

8 years ago

Leather Scrap Into Purse

Old leather pieces, new leather pieces.

8 years ago

Old Leather Boots Upcycled Into Purses

Some pair of old leather boots upcycled into brand new purses.

8 years ago

From Book To Purse: A Thrifty Upcycle

I made this purse for my mom, who has quite a purse fetish. I enjoy giving new life to old…

8 years ago

Upcycled Leather Jacket-to-bag

The most beautiful objects we own are those that have embedded personal stories and sentimental value. Repurposing your own jacket…

9 years ago

Old Jeans = New Beach Tote

What a beautiful way to repurpose old jeans for the summer!

9 years ago