Turn Old Incense Burners Into Mini Trays!

I turned Incense Burners Into Mini Trays! Additionally, I added a decoupage picture onto the completed tray and only used glue to put the pieces together.

Incense Burners Into Mini Trays – get some craft glue, Mod Podge and hunt down some of your favorite pictures!

First, find several old incense burners and clean them of any residues. Next, glue them together side-by-side to form the base layer of a tray. Then, repeat, gluing the second layer at a right angle to the first layer. Allow drying. Decoupage your favorite image(s) onto the tray with Mod Podge or your favorite decoupage medium. Coat the surfaces and let dry.

Turn Old Incense Burners Into Mini Trays! 1 • Wood & Organic

Here’s another idea – turn Old Jewelry Boxes into art with Decoupage!


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