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Wine Rack Made From Upcycled Vinyl Records

This is my prototype for a wall-hung wine rack made from old vinyl records. The records appear to float with no visible supports. On the backside, you can see how it is done. A wood 1×4 provides the support and connection to the wall.

First, I used a heat gun to melt several records into a J shape. Rolling them around an empty wine bottle helped me get a smooth shape. Once they were cool and hard, I attached them to the wood support one by one, using epoxy and clamps. Two metal keyhole hangers on the wood made it easy to hang on the wall.

Although they look delicate, the vinyl records are actually quite strong and they have no problem holding full bottles.

With a longer piece of wood, there is no limit to the size of a wine rack you could make this way. Maybe cover an entire wall with them? I hope this post inspires you to make your own wine rack from vinyl records. Let me know what you think in the comments below.

Thanks for checking it out! :)


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