14 Original Wine Racks From Recycled Materials

Here is a selection of 14 original and cool wine racks made from upcycled and recycled materials, a wonderful source of inspiration for your collection of wine bottles! :)

Oak Barrel Stave Wine Rack
Another wine rack made from Using reclaimed oak staves from California wine barrels
Wall-mounted wine rack – Source: ETSY
Upcycled wood wall-mounted wine rack – Source: ETSY
Wood Standing wine rack – Source: ETSY
14 Original Wine Racks From Recycled Materials 9 • Accessories
Deconstructed wall-mounted wine rack – Source: ETSY
Reclaimed wood wine rack – Source: ETSY
Copper wine rack – Source: ETSY
Industrial looking wine rack made with a recycled copper pipe – Source: ETSY
Wooden trunk wine rack – Source: ETSY
Wooden table with integrated wine rack – Source: ETSY
Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table/Wine bar with pipe legs, thick 2.5" top.
570 Reviews
Industrial Reclaimed Wood Console Table/Wine bar with pipe legs, thick 2.5" top.
Wine Bar and Rack made from reclaimed wood (100–200 "old growth") industrial styled wine bar with 2.5" thick Douglas Fir top and steel industrial legs. This wine bar is perfect for en...

Have you made some wine racks from upcycled & recycled materials? Do not hesitate to share them with us!

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Jewels Connolly

Christine Hurring top left pik for you!

Christine Hurring

Because its in your house loaded ready to go?

Keara Littner
Keara Littner

These are some really neat looking wine racks! Personally, I think I like the repurposed 12″ vinyl record albums one the best. My brother recently mentioned that he needs a new wine rack in his home. I’m sure he’d love something similar to the vinyl record one as well, so I’ll have to see if I can find something like it!

Natur Art

Natural cork

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