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Animals Cut out of Plastic Bottles

I would like to support the movement to recycle plastics and to reduce plastic waste on land and in the sea. I cut the animals out of 0,5-liter lemonade bottles. The unique construction requires no glue. Consequently, the animals can be built op and taken apart repeatedly which is nice as a construction play for kids. However, the toys are not very well suited for (smaller) children because they have some quite sharp edges and loose parts. Finishing an animal usually costs me a half hour, starting with drawing using a mold, and then cutting and assembling. I use small nail scissors to cut them which is strong enough to cut the tough material. A knife is not handy and not safe to use. On the photo, you can see a sea tortoise, a dragonfly, a lobster and a beetle. And I also designed flowers, a frog, and a fish.


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