Recycling Metal

Life-size Horse’s Head Horseshoe Sculpture

I made this Life-size Horse’s Head Horseshoe Sculpture for Horseshoes4Hounds. Metal art and design are created for the purpose of raising funds and awareness for Chimney Farm International Dog Rescue.

This Life-size Horse’s Head Horseshoe Sculpture may inspire you to create your own metal art  – and to help your favorite charity!

First, I started with a sketch on the floor. Next, I created a wire sculpture of the shapes I wanted to make before putting it into horseshoes. Before using the horseshoes, we remove the nails. I use a hammer and chisel to scrape out the grooves, and then give it a cleaning with a wire brush. The shoes are cut and welded together. I began with the neck. The details and form are created using the grinder and welder. Special attention is made to keep the grooves lined up. Additionally, I like to use special features like the stud holes for a bit of character.

I built a wire sculpture version to clarify the metal layout.

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