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5 Ways to Re-decorate an Old Boring Light

If the lighting in your space, show colorless and boring but have a fabric tops, you can refresh them very easily and in no time, just by adding some color. See five easy ways to re-decorate them below:

Simplicity chic

Paint with black paint a simple, but unexpected sketch and transform a simple and dirt cheap lamp into a design object.

Golden touch

Paint the inside of the top with gold color. When the lamp is on, it will diffuse in space, a luxury glow.

Eclectic chic

Using a stencil create a pattern on a light white top. The contrast of the color will give an eclectic-chic touch in your space.

Classic & chic

Draw on the fabric top a simple & classic pattern, like a flower or leaf, something that does not need to be a painter to do it. After all, this is not about perfection, but to give your personal touch to the item.

Colorful & fun

Let your imagination free and create “abstract modern art” on a white top of the light using many different colors. The result will give “color” to even the most boring room…


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