Do-It-Yourself Ideas

Diy: Bathmat

By Al Ha veDa

Michelle Kaufmann’s blog about eco-living brings us this tutorial for making a luxury shag bathmat, reusing towels that are ready to move on. ++ Michelle Kaufmann + Al Ha veDa […]

Diy : Tissue Dispenser

By Neodim

So easy to do… ++ Source here

License Plates Bookends

By Neodim

How to recycle a license plate by making it into a bookend. All you have to do is bend a license plate over the edge of a table. Easy. ++ […]

Diy : Recycled Cd Iphone Stand/Dock

By Neodim

Seen at Geeky Gadgets ! All instructions to make it here !

Diy : Tractor Trailer

By Neokentin

From a plastic bottle, cardboard and bottle caps was born a game for children: a tractor trailer.  This project was created to teach parents how to recycle creatively and to […]

Flowerpot Boots

By Neokentin

stop buying traditionel pottery and start recycling objects…. ++ Le blog de Luzine @ creation

50$ Garden Greenhouse

By Neodim

All the explanations HERE to make your own garden greenhouse for cheap (+ a Saturday afternoon)

Computer Tower Bedside Table

By Clementine la mandarine

Reuse old computer tower simply as bedside table. ++ From here

More Pet Art

By Al Ha veDa

Israeli artist, Lilach Keynan, has found her own way of turning PET and plastic waste into art. Good stuff. ++ Good Stuff + Al Ha veDa blog (Heb.)

Curtains & Garlands

By Isa Digue

Curtains and garlands made out of recycled plastic bottles!

Plastic Bag Re-use

By Al Ha veDa

This Lidan-inspired basket was crocheted entirely from plastic bags. The continuous strand was created using the technique shown here. Plastic bag crocheting is becoming increasingly popular and is a great […]

Newspaper to Textile

By Al Ha veDa

Dutch designer, Greetje van Tiem, spins newspaper yarn to knit and weave. Here’s a YouTube Video by Vickie Howell to demonstrate the technique. You can spin newspaper, too, like this.

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