We all remember those old LP records sitting around and this incredible and warm sound. Unfortunately, some old vinyl’s are not good anymore for listening and instead of throwing them away, you can repurpose them into a cool new accessories, light or what else is in your mind. Take a big breath and discover a hundred ways of recycling your old vinyls! Nostalgia, when you hold us.

Turn Old Records Into This Upcycled Vinyl Floor Lamp

By Neokentin

I made this Upcycled Vinyl Floor Lamp using a standard floor lamp, to begin with. I melted the records and reshaped them into cones for the lamp shades. I used another […]

Recycled Vinyl Records Rock Your Interior Design!

By cbvinyl

Cb Vinyl Record Art is a collective of enthusiasts, influenced by cultures and subcultures from the 80s to the present day. As unconditional lovers of vinyl record, art, design and decoration, we want to develop, through our project, an activity that will allow us to offer you our artistic vision on vinyl records.

Rock & Roll Desk Lamp From Recycled Vinyl Records

By hipelee

Lamps made from recycled vinyl records!

Upcycled 12″ Vinyl Record Into Wall Clock

By GreenDevil

In a previous job, I was lucky enough to work with a laser cutter. I decided to experiment after seeing lots of old records at boot sales, often without sleeves […]

Upcycled Vinyl 7” Into Single Phone Stands

By FancyTat

Unique, handmade and quirky vinyl phone stand. Own a piece of fun upcycled functional art for your desk. A creative, eco-friendly, hands-free way to display and use your mobile phone! […]

150 Vinyl Records as Wall Decoration in My Toilet

By chris grolleman

I made this with 150 records in one day. The hardest part was the clean cutting in the corners.

Cardboard Tubes & Old Vinyls for a Rock & Rolls Table

By Bafouille

This table is made with old vinyl fixed on both sides of cardboard tubes. The table leg is “painted black, black as night, black as coal“.

Upcycled Vinyl Record Into Beautiful Lampshade

By Neokentin

This lampshade is made out of an old vinyl record with a brass socket and a red fabric cable. I strictly don’t know how the shape of the lamp was […]

New Life of Vinyl

By Artzavod

We love vinyl, unfortunate that vinyls don’t live long. They go bad and people just have to throw them away, unless… What if we gave them a second chance? A […]

Wine Rack Made From Upcycled Vinyl Records

By Neokentin

This is my prototype for a wall-hung wine rack made from old vinyl records. The records appear to float with no visible supports. On the backside, you can see how […]

Upcycled Vinyl Record Clocks

By 100rings

These wall clocks are made up of upcycled vinyl records saved from the landfills.

Floor Lamp From Upcycled Vinyl Records And Drum Stand

By Reima Honkasalo

This floor lamp is made from upcycled vinyl records and a drum stand, perfect for a music lover!

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